Ten Tips for a Perfect Bridal Hairstyle

Wedding Tips

It’s time for a vendor spotlight! Today, I’m with Angelina of Shear Joy Salon and we’re talking about bridal hair styling.

Angelina is a graduate of Sunstate Academy and has been a professional stylist for 2 years. She has been published three times on latest-hairstyles.com. She’s given me ten tips that brides need to know about their wedding day hair styling.

I met with Angelina and one of her brides, Alyssa at Shear Joy Salon for Alyssa’s trial. They decided on a variation on a classic half-up style with lots of volume and delicate details.

1: Do a trial before the wedding day if possible. This is a good time to integrate any accessories into your style, bonus points if you do an engagement session with your photographer with your snazzy new hair!

2: If you bring photos of hairstyles, understand that styling is an art, and that what your stylist creates might not be a 100% replica of the photo you brought, even if the photo you bring is something your stylist created.

3: Expect your curls and waves to be tighter than you may be used to when the style is freshly done, they’ll fall naturally during the day, and this will keep you looking your best.

4: Your stylist may seem like they are using more product on your hair than you are used to. This is required for your style to hold all day, hairspray is your friend!

5: Extensions are a great option for adding density, length or both. Clip-ins are the most affordable option and and are typically the most versatile. They can be moved to where the desired style requires and also hold a style very well whether up or down.

6: Wear a button down or loose necked top on your wedding day. It will make getting changed much easier and will help keep your hair in place.

7: Pack a few extra accessories like bobby-pins, hair ties, and safety pins in your in your bag. If you hire Angelina (Which you totally should!) she carries things like this in her kit, but its always better to have what you need.

8: Wash your hair before your big day. Clean hair will have all the oil and product washed out, and your stylist will have a fresh canvas to work with. If they need to add grit into your hair for the style to hold, they can easily do so.

9: After the party is over, if your hair was teased or back combed to create your style, please brush it out gently. Preferably this should be done with your hair dry, start at the ends and work your way up in small sections. If you prefer to brush it out in the shower, apply conditioner generously, it will help the brush to slip through your hair.

10: Stick to the classics. often times brides will want to make a significant change to their hair for their wedding, this is usually not advisable, but if you do want to make a change, think it over for a few days first.

Angelina is currently booking 2021 dates and can be reached on Instagram or in person at Shear Joy Salon.

Thanks to Shear Joy Salon for allowing me to film and photograph for this blog.